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    Battery or charging circuit - good/ bad?

    Hi Folks

    I've had a quick search through the forum and haven't found what I'm after - how do I check if the battery pack has expired and dead or if there's a problem with the charging circuit?

    I bought a Cameron Sino battery pack a few years ago and I'm surprised it's given up already given a diy battery pack I built back in 2011.

    Here are the stats from my battery - do they show the battery pack is dead? (Copied from https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...l=1#post936657 so apologies for the cross post, but I thought that post might be a bit too hidden to get noticed.)

    Cameron Sino; Model CS-LSR533RC; Part No: HRMR15/51

    I've pulled the cover off the battery to test the cell voltages, all the cells seemed to show what I understand to be good voltages (1.2 v?):
    01- 1.276
    02- 1.262
    03- 1.293
    04- 1.276
    05- 1.298
    06- 1.270
    07- 1.291
    08- 1.300
    09- 1.292
    10- 1.300

    T 12.858

    Measuring the voltages off the plug contacts I get:
    Bl-Gr: 3.82 V
    Bl-Br: 7.69 V
    Bl-Rd: 12.84 V

    The Diagonistics Power read out is:
    Battery temperature
    17.2 C
    Battery voltage
    13.1 V
    Battery vmon1
    3.8 V
    Battery vmon2
    7.5 V


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    Battery Pack recipies

    Always entertaining replying to your own posts :-/

    I thought I'd get some new batteries after deciding to assume that a commercially bought battery pack was likely to be 2 to 3 times worse than one I built myself.

    It turns out I was correct - the battery stats indicate a dead battery-pack...

    Back in early 2011 the recipe I followed was, I think, here:
    But, alas not longer...
    But, thanks to the Way Back When Machine, it can be resurrected:
    And, thanks to the insidious search engine, it can be translated:

    The only bit I got for that was the thirmistor:
    However, pulling apart the CS Cameron Sino 2000mAh battery I discovered some other goodies - a couple of resistors attached to the monitoring taps, a thermal cut-out (70 degrees) and some sort of bimetallic thing - see attachments. I'm curious to know what the bimetallic thingy is, any ideas - it sits between the furthest most battery terminals from the main power supply?

    In the end, I decided to reuse the whole wiring loom from and bits from the old battery back - figuring the makers of that looked like they knew what they were doing - interestingly, after breaking the individual cells out of the old pack, I've been able to re-use them all, my charger indicating they're all still good.

    As I was doing a diy battery pack because the commercial ones seemed inferior to the last one I built, I went for the best batteries I could find: Eneloop PRO AA HR06 2500mAh NiMH at about ú3 each from ebay.

    I've just run down the new pack from it's first full charge and - although I didn't remember to record the start time accurately - they seem to have run well over 12 hours - perhaps even 18 - I'll measure more carefully and report.

    As I said, photos attached.Name:  IMG_20190413_104525.resized.jpg
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    Battery Pack recipies

    And the new batteriesName:  IMG_20190413_124830.resized.jpg
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    Good work !

    The bimetallic devices is actually a polyswitch (resettable) fuse.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff07971 View Post
    Good work !

    The bimetallic devices is actually a polyswitch (resettable) fuse.


    Thanks Jeff

    From what I'd discovered, I thought the white thing marked TB02-BB0D 70░C (see pic) did that:

    It seems a doubly safe battery then compared with my original 2011 diy job.

    Why the resistors - do they indicate that my 2011 battery wasn't reporting the correct voltages to the charging system?

    Name:  TB02, TB05, TB11.jpg
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    Oops, doh: fuse for over current cf. thermal protector for over temp

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    Quote Originally Posted by pseud View Post
    Always entertaining replying to your own posts :-/
    And an entertaining and informative read, too. Thank you very much. Filed for future reference, should I need it.

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    So, I switched it on, on battery, this morning about 7am - and this evening it finally died about 10pm. 15 hours! Well blow me down.

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