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Sorry, it's only for the Allo Sparky Board.
In order to get Allo Sparky and Usbridge running, similar steps as with the Rpi are necessary.

Download Dietpi as operating system, install it on SD card and make some settings as described in the link.


By the way, I already had several Rpi, but never white noise.
Maybe something seems to be broken or incompatible.


Thanks for this!

It looks like SqueezeLight can be installed on sparky, however, all command line based, which might be fine but I am a bit afraid of a weekend lost in trial and error... Anyway, I wait for my passive preamp first, that might at least solve the noise problem. I believe that the noise is probably dificult to solve totally given that the USB port has no galvanic isolation at all. However, the fact, that it is so notable in my setup must be due to the particularly high amplification through the 103db-speakers and the powerful amps. So attentuating all the sound linearly (not only the music, but music and noise togehter) will already help with no doupt.

I see then whether I give the Sparky with the Usbridge a try.

Cheers! Urs