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    Best easy HIFI alternative to SBT +EDO? With widely compatible asyncUSB 192k/24b out?

    Hi there everybody!

    I have a SBT with EDO, but it does not work with my Soekris 1101 USB DAC. I tried EDO with all available experimental Kernels and of course an additional power supply added to the USB (which works on the pc), however, no sound comes out of SBT.

    My conclusion: SBT (which I love) will not work.

    So, I am searching for a squeezebox transport that will work. Basically, everything based on a recent Linux distribution shoult be (according to Soekris) natively compatible to the Soekris 1101 USB DAC.

    My priorities:
    - Easy and quick and thumb-adapted assembly and configuration in case of DIY-projects
    - Audiophile streaming quality with asynchronous USB output capable of 192khz/24bit
    - if possible, no recurring license fees (like it is the case for "Raspberry Pi 7'' Touch Display Bundle with HiFiBerry")
    - Display is optional, as long as configuration remains easy anyway

    That HIFIBerry with display looks fine. "This bundle is a Max2Play solution simulating the previously available Logitech Squeezebox Touch Player." is written on the homepage. However, there is a license that has to be renewed periodically and I wonder, if I reamin with a brick if one day this company is not there anymore to renew my license. Therefore I wonder whether there are other good alternatives???

    It is very well possible that this has been discussed in other threads. I found some, however, everything I found did not seem really easy to implement without spending days in experimenting and troubleshooting...
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