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    Transporter newbie

    I am picking up a SlimDevices Transporter tomorrow, after pining for one for many years...

    I have 2 Touch, 2 Classic, 3 Radios and a Boom, so a long time fan and still investing in Squeezebox, they rate as one of the best bits of Technology I have ever bought into. Most of this loyalty is due to the community and the fantastic commitments of the software writers around here. Thank you all. ��

    My first Question is
    1. Is the Audiophiles Section the correct place for Transporter questions - all the other devices seem to have their own section.?

    2. Can someone list out anything to look out for when inspecting the device? I’m keen to check the VFD displays for burnout, anything else?

    3. Which are agreed best connections to output from the unit?

    My setup
    I have a Denon X7200WA AVR, which is used in a dedicated cinema setup. A Touch currently uses a Coax Digital cable as an Input. The Denon outputs with UNbalanced [EDIT] RCA connections to MiniDSP DDRC88BM with Dirac audio processing for Room Eq, before going to separate Power Amplifiers to drive my speakers.

    My priority isn’t Music really, but would like to understand if there is any advantage in setting up the Transporter in a particular way.

    Example - My MiniDSP converts Analogue to Digital and back to Analogue again - so does this negate the Transporter in any way?

    I am not an Audiophile, but want to eek any obvious advantage if possible. Any comments and feedback appreciated....thanks.
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