Iíve had squeezeboxes for 10 years but technically Iím still a noob. So this is a real noob question.

I need another SB boom but donít want to pay a fortune for one and feel I can do better nowadays with one of my spare SB touches or SB Receivers attached to something. The question is what can I attach it to?
Itís for the bedroom so I want a minimal set up. For example, I have a spare smallish Denon amp and Mission bookshelf speakers lying around to which I could attach the Touch. These sound great but I want something smaller.

Ideally Iíd like a decent small speaker to which I can directly attach the SBT via RCA cables or Toslink. Obviously, this would entail a wifi-type speaker attached to my network.

I guess what Iím asking is whether a SBT attached to a Google Home Max, Sonos One or something else (please suggest) do the job? Iím looking for a solution with just two power cables (one for the SBT and one for the speaker). Or better even just one; if something like the Logitech UE Boom existed in wifi, vis a vis Bluetooth mode. I donít need all the smart-speaker talking commands/interaction stuff, but if the speaker has it I could learn to utilize it. But I really just want the speaker to play music streamed from my computer/NAS via the SBT.

Is this doable? Does anything along these lines exist?