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    piCorePlayer on pi1 + BT Dongle reduce delay?

    So I'm getting addicted to these little things as I had so many old Pis who's function had ceased, I figured make my entire house music-synced.

    I used old usb-audio adapters but I ran out so with four rooms to go and not wanting to buy any more stuff I purchased 2 cheapy usb dacs and 2 different hats for the more modern pis. Given old pi1 doesn't take modern hats (ALL the pins!) I tried one of the two cheapy usb dacs and it worked fine, the other one that has the same PID/VID and physical layout not so much. Strange but then I was left with what I had on hand, which was a bluetooth option for that speaker. Aside from having to manually pair and connect (yep, beta, and I'm not scared of commandline, so I don't care too much!), it works!

    But, as is understandable, there's a noticable delay of about half a second on bluetooth transmission. Is there anything I can do to tell squeezelite to use an offset in sync'd playback mode to accommodate this? I don't mind working out what it is but I've not seen a setting like that.

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    Yes, Got to the LMS Settings, then pick the Players Tab, Then select the Player and Synchronization from the drop downs.

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    piCorePlayer a small player for the Raspberry Pi in RAM.
    Homepage: https://www.picoreplayer.org

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    I had a play with this today. I had always misinterpreted the 'Player Audio Delay' setting as a way of delaying playback for that player, and since the bluetooth output already lags the other players, I envisaged having to delay all the other players to match the bluetooth device.

    But thankfully it works the other way. This setting tells LMS how much the device (already) lags the others, so it intelligently adjusts the others to suit. With a setting of 150ms for my bluetooth player it now syncs perfectly with all the other players.

    This whole ecosystem just gets better and better the more you dig into it!

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