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    updated win7 to win10 - media server 7.7.5 - what issues..?

    [edit] NOW I am running 7.7.6
    Hi there
    I noticed that MS is providing a free update of genuine win7 users to win10, so I took the plunge and updated.
    Firstly I found that the default browser 'edge' did not show the my library in the left-hand pane of the web control page.
    updated to 7.7.6 same issue..
    Installed Chrome and that was solved..

    Second, the library did not contain any media.
    So I am scanning my library.. still scanning at the mo....

    Any other issues that I might encounter...?
    cheers for any help offered..
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    Edge is a known problem, use Chrome or Internet Explorer.

    As far as current versions go, 7.9.1 is the current community version and can be downloaded here
    The nightly versions are 7.9.2 and can be found here
    7.9.1 is very stable and has many new features and 7.9.2 has even more new features and is very stable, but hasn't been frozen yet.

    Edge doesn't work right on any LMS version that I'm aware of. Last I heard MS will be dumping their own Edge core and replacing it with Chromium since their own browser core is questionable at best.
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    Thanks w3Wilkes..
    I have already downgraded back to 7.7.5 since that had been working fine in win7.. and since the move to win10 the library scanner has refused to "scan".. But that problem is now also with 7.7.5.
    I have all media on a NAS but the scan just thinks for a second or two and ends with zero results.
    I think I recall having this problem a while back. but dont remember that it was fixed.. it just went away

    Q what were the new features on 7.9.1 which you found usefull..?
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    Can you see the NAS contents from you new Windows file explorer/manager?
    If not then issue is likely to be with the SMB version support.
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    I found my old posts

    Thanks for all the replies.. but
    as with my posts last July-ish the issue has fixed itself again..
    a second restart of the PC and obviously the LMS and the scanner found all the media. No changes by me in LMS or windows settings.
    so I am happy, again..
    cheers to all

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    Itĺs to do with the user and access to network shares by letter. Win 10 does not automatically reconnect mappings on start.
    I donĺt use Windows for LMS but can you use UNC paths rather than Z:\ etc?
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