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    How to play (in surround sound) 6 channel [5.1] surround sound flac files.

    (current situation)
    I run LMS (flac native setting) on a NAS which delivers to an EDO Touch (ethernet hardwired) which then sends those flac files by way of USB-out to a two channel DAC and then on to my traditional stereo rig. Pretty standard so far. I ALSO have a number of 6 channel [5.1] surround sound flac files on my NAS. I have high confidence these are true 6 channel 5.1 surround sound flac files. My LMS sees those files and delivers them as very large flac files to my Touch. Touch sees those files, recognizes them as very large flac files, and pases them on to a 2 channel DAC which feeds then to my stereo where they play in stereo.

    I will be setting up a second system for 5.1 (6 channel) surround sound. I want to use as much of the Logitech ecosystem as possible in that system.

    1. Is the LMS delivering all 6 chnnels of those 6 channel flac files, or is it down-mixing to stereo?
    2. If LMS is delivering the full 6 channel flac file, is the EDO Touch pulling just two channels, or is it passing all 6 channels through usb-out to the DAC?
    3. If the Touch is incapable of passing through all 6 channels (assuming all 6 are ariving from LMS) is there another squeeze player that will pass through all 6 channels to a surround sound (6 channel flac) capable system?

    To use as much of my existing file delivery ecosystem as possible to deliver 6 channel flac files to a new surround sound system.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would also investigate what interface to use.

    Coax/spdiff or toslink can not deliver discrete multichannel only DD or DTS.

    HDMI can do it .

    USB ? Possibly I don’t know must also be done in th recieving device.

    Is there a player such as Squeezelite that can deliver multichannel to a hdmi port ? On for example raspberry Pi or an intel NUC ?

    Don’t know about the other questions but i’m Also interested.
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    You can Play DTS Files through the spdi output of the Squeezebox Touch. But I'm interessted in a way to play 5.1 Flac files, too.

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