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    Per our PM, I cannot get the skill to query the audio, but I have a Bridge whose only job is to create a virtual player and make the content accessible through a webserver.
    So, I've used foobar2000 to tried that vs stream.mp3 method. It takes ~10s for playback to start with stream.mp3 method and it's immediate with the webserver bridge. I'm a bit surprised, but I've tested that enough times to be sure. It's the same whether foobar plays before playback is started on the virtual player in LMS or after.
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    Quick update ... there was a mistake in my code that meant things got confused when there was more than one user of this mechanism.
    That is now resolved and Philippe is able to use the hacky "skill" that I made.
    He has a prototype running of an alternative to the LMS stream.mp3 - but to have a basic standalone player you can still use the stream.mp3 method.
    I have had 1 additional request to try it out and have sent details to that person via an Amazon beta test invitation.

    My hope is that one of the builders of the existing Alexa skills takes this on board and includes it in their stuff rather than my hack but it is there for those that ask to try it.
    Paul Webster
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    Thanks for the invite ... struggling with network/router issues a the moment, so can't try it yet.
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