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    TinyCore-Sound-Adjustments Script

    If anyone is interested I've made a script similar to the one I have for Debian based systems for TinyCore [PiCorePlayer]

    Easy install, clean and easy removal.


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    I stumbled upon your website from Hackaday and was looking to see if anyone had tried your TinyCore tweaks with piCorePlayer...

    I just applied the script and the kernel pCP tweaks, and everything is running fine with my one piCorePlayer.

    I also use a PiCorePlayer to run just LMS (without squeezelite). I don't think I'll apply the underclocking tweaks since the LMS pi probably needs all the oomph it can get. But the script apply worked fine for the LMS, pi, too!


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    Looking at bootlocal and install, I don't see exactly what is done, but README says audio threads are prioritized and scheduling changed to FIFO ... it sounds to me like stuff that should be made standard in piCorePlayer. Any reason not to?


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    There are other options built into the web interface, and some just prefer to run a script. Do what makes you feel better, it's all personal preference.
    piCorePlayer a small player for the Raspberry Pi in RAM.
    Homepage: https://www.picoreplayer.org

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    Look folks.

    Forget this Dynobot "sound-adjustments" stuff. What he suggest has nothing to do with "sound" in the first place.
    He's just using it as a hook.

    Let's have a look what he offers:

    * Improving the priority of the Audio threads
    * Change audio thread scheduling from 'other' to FIFO
    * Improving the latency of the Operating System with Kernel adjustments
    * Change Squeezelite priority and thread scheduling to FIFO
    1. He is not improving anything. He is changing a process priority. And the actual relevant audio output thread he's not even touching.
    He obviously doesn't understand the difference between process and thread.
    2. The key - audio relevant - thread - the output thread - runs elevated (realtime) and fifo anyhow, but only if preemption is enabled
    in the kernel already. You'd basically need to run a realtime kernel.
    3. The output thread priority you set within the squeezelite setting mask. No need for a tool.
    4. And then he wildly changes 4 interrupt priorities and some useless parameters and calls it "kernel adjustments".
    To see real latency effects you'd need to tune the entire process and interrupt chain.

    And best of all. To lift """his""" outstanding findings on a higher level, he's providing these great tools for the entire "Debian" and "TinyCore"

    Great done Dynobot. Changing an alias won't change a mans attitude. (Which is well known for about a decade)

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