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    The provided flac 1.3.2 fails with "Illegal instruction"


    The newer flac 1.3.2 that comes with LMS 7.9.2 unfortunately fails on the very old Linux OS of my Thecus 3200PRO. E.g. when testing a flac file with the "-t" option, I am getting the following error:

    Illegal instruction

    The previous version that have been shipped with the older LMS releases is working fine.

    As a workaround I am currently linking the "Bin/i386-linux/" directory from an older LMS version.

    I wonder if it would be possible to review and compare the make flags with the older working one and provide a new compiled version that is backward compatible to older OSs / CPUs? My Thecus 3200PRO comes with an AMD Geode CPU.

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    Its likely an issue with too old of libc. Pretty sure ralphy compiled the current version for i386, and I'm sure he is going to struggle to find an old system to build on.

    Start off with the output of

    ldd /path/to/old/flac
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