Greetings Squeezebox Audiophiles ;-). Apologies for not being around as much these days...

Here's a question for the audiophiles... Do CD/digital players converting 16/44.1 sound the same/different? The real question I suspect may be "how different"!

When I came across a post on the Steve Hoffman Forum initially last year and the ~90%:1% result, it got me thinking about doing a blind test to see if I can gather some real-world data using my hi-res ADC.

Come and try the "Blind Test": INTERNET BLIND TEST: Do digital audio players sound different? (Playing 16/44.1 music.)

4 "blinded" devices to listen to from different classes, 4 sample excerpts to try. Which device(s) sound best? Is there a big difference? Lemme know! It might affirm your opinion, or maybe you'll be surprised by your results...

Test closes on April 30, 2019. Plenty of time to listen and let me know. As usual, once the test closes, I'll let you guys know which devices were used in the recordings and how people voted. Feel free to spread this around.

Have fun listening!