I think it's just another way of presenting music. If you compare to the visual arts for a long time there was a striving to "reproduce" and not interpret, but it changed. Techniques came in on how to interpret images to make them the most impactful they can be. I think the advances of production techniques have allowed more creativity in the way the final sound will, ahem, sound.

Done well, the compressed sound fills a certain need, providing a hugely impactful direct, driving sound that has a place in the list of options out there, but.. I do wish it wasn't so needlessly applied to less stylised music across the board. And it's just so *badly* applied in so many cases that it has a really bad name. I've lost count how many albums I can't listen to because of distortion caused by over compression, and that's just dumb.

I suspect the music industry is still suffering from teenage fads and when it's reached maturity and tech like this has been done to death and the novelty goes away things will hopefully improve a little. Perhaps I'll still be able to hear over about 10khz by the time that happens.... I doubt it..

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