Yesterday my Transporter quit playing. It powers up and connects to the server. When I select a song and hit play, the display indicates Now Playing but the progress bar on the player does not advance. The VU meters don't move either. The web UI works normally. I'm running 7.9.1 firmware (and have for months).

Searching the forums I found and tried a few suggestions:

Xilinx reset
Factory Reset

Neither helped.

I've opened the unit up and have started to make some measurements. The first thing I checked was the 5V switcher after seeing failures on the forum. I've looked at the output with an oscilloscope. The output is 5V and clean.

The power relay is behaving strangely. The +5V and +/-15V come up initially but then turn off (the 5V and +/-15V LEDs go off). I found that by changing the "Power Off AUDIO" setting in the Audio menu of the Player tab from "Audio always on" to "Power down audio when off" the the power supplies stay on. The player still doesn't work but I can make measurements.

The supply testpoint measurements are 5V (4.99V), 15V (15.00V) and -15V (-14.78V).

The 11MHz and 24MHz oscillators are running but MCLK testpoint is stuck high.