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    I have Jivelite working on my Joggler and Squeezelite playing via USB into a Topping E30 DAC. Is it possible to install the EDO patch to get 24/96 playback or would I have to go to SqueezePlay OS?
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    Hi All,

    How can I find out which IP address the Joggler with Jivelite is usung? I used to allocate the Jogglers with Squuzeplay a specific IP, but I don't know if those are the IP's that they are using.

    Also, how do I log into Jivelite for Joggler via Putty? Is it ...
    Username: of
    Password: joggler
    ... or something else?


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    Try Settings/Network
    In the SqueezePlay on my Joggler it shows its IP address at the top but that might be a customisation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Webster View Post
    Try Settings/Network
    In the SqueezePlay on my Joggler it shows its IP address at the top but that might be a customisation.
    Perfect. Thanks Paul.
    Not quite sure how I missed that. :-)

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    I'm liking Jivelite, but having a problem with the Joggler that controls the Squeezebox in the bedroom.

    The issue is turning the screen off at night time.

    With Squeezeplay on the Joggler, pressing the power button (top left of the homew screen) will both turn off the Squeezeplayer and make the Joggler screen turn off until it's touched again.

    With Jivelite, the behavour is different.

    To be honest, I don't understand exactly what it's doing or why, but it doesn't durn the screen off. and no amount of changing the screen saver settings seems to acomplish what I'm wanting.

    Is anyone aware of an easy way of turning the screen off when needed? Or of automating turning it off at a certain time of day?

    If not, I think I need to switch the bedroom Joggler back to Squeezeplay.


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    Jivelite can certainly be set up to blank the screen when the player it is controlling is powered off. The setting to do this is in 'Settings' -> 'Screen' -> 'Screensavers' -> 'When off'. If you set this to 'Blank Screen', then whenever/however the player that Jivelite is controlling is powered off the screen will be blanked.

    A few things to note:
    1) Jivelite can be configured to control any player that's attached to LMS, and it is the power state of that player that is monitored by the screensaver. Equally, the power button at top-left operates on the same player.
    2) You can configure how long it takes for the screensaver to kick in under 'Settings' -> 'Screen' -> 'Screensavers' -> 'Delay'. For reasons that I never investigated, there seems to be no delay if the player is powered off by a different controller (e.g. iPeng). But certainly, if you're using the power button in the top-left of Jivelite, then the delay should apply, so make sure that you're not simply concluding that it doesn't work before you've allowed that delay to elapse. I have mine set to the minimum value of 10 seconds.*
    3) The blank screen screensaver in Jivelite isn't quite the same as the one in SqueezeplayOS, because the hardware control that SqueezeplayOS uses to turn off the screen (or backlight - can't remember for sure) doesn't work under the base OS that Jivelite uses. So in Jivelite the screensaver simply sets the backlight to its minimum setting of 0%. So in a dark bedroom you may still see a faint glow from the screen. My workaround is to make sure my eyelids are closed when I'm going to sleep :-)

    *Actually I don't use the blank screen screensaver - I use 'Digital Clock (Black)', and I leave the backlight on 0% for the Joggler in the bedroom, which is still quite usable during the day. I use 'Digital Clock (Transparent)' for the 'When stopped' screensaver, so that I can tell at a glance whether the player is still powered, i.e. I can see the wallpaper behind the clock if the player is on.

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    Thanks for the explanation of the differences, Chill.

    I prefer the way that the power button works on Sqeezeplay. So, I'm going to put Squeezeplay back on the bedroom Joggler and keep Jivelite on the main house Joggler.


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    I've modified Triode's DisplayOff applet from the touch for the joggler that completely turns off the backlight.

    It's only been tested on the O2 Joggler with chill's jivelite image and may need changes to work on the other models.

    Download DisplayOff-Joggler.zip to the Joggler and extract it in /opt/jivelite/share/jive/applets and restart jivelite.

    Then select the When Off option for the screensaver(s) settings that you want the display completely dark.

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