I have a couple of O2 Jogglers that I use solely as touch controllers in a couple of locations around the house. I'm running Squeezeplay OS on them, but an unwanted side-effect is that each Joggler shows up as a player in LMS. It was suggested to me (in this thread) that I should try to get Jivelite running instead, since the interface would be the same, but without the software players.

I have very little Linux experience, but I've been having a go this evening. I've made some progress, but have hit some snags, and I'm hoping some on here might be able to help me with them.

I started by making a bootable USB stick with the ext4 Ubuntu base/server image from here. My reason for going for a base/server image was that I thought I could fit one of those images into the 1GB of flash storage on the Joggler, but since it wouldn't boot up after trying to 'reflash' that image (probably because the image expands to ~2GB) I have switched to booting off a USB stick. It might therefore have made more sense to start with a more complete image, so that more packages/features are available from the start, but I do still hope to fit the finished setup into the flash memory, so a smaller starting point is better. So one question I have is what would be the best (smallest?) starting point to base this install on, or is there an easy way to remove stuff from a working system to leave just what's needed to run Jivelite? Whoever created Squeezeplay OS must have done something like that I guess.

Then I followed the instructions for compiling and installing Lua and Jivelite, as given in step 4 here. I had to connect the Joggler via an ethernet cable, since I've been unable to get the wifi connected (a task for later). So another question - any tips for getting the wifi going? I followed instructions that I found on a couple of different sites, but nothing has worked so far.

The Jivelite and Lua compilations went OK in the end though - no warnings or errors. But Jivelite won't start. It gives me an "Invalid width or height" error. I figured this might be due to the wallpaper. The Hagensieker site has some files for the 800x480 screen size of the Joggler, so I copied those into the specified locations (without checking whether they were actually any different from the existing versions of those files), and on looking through SetupWallpaper.lua I noticed that the 800x480 wallpaper names should have a 'PCP_' prefix. In my wallpapers folder I only had files with BB_, FAB4_ and JIVE_ prefixes, so I copied all the PCP_ files from a pCP installation. But no joy - I still get the "Invalid width or height" error.

So my main question is therefore, what's causing this "Invalid height or width" error, and how do I go about fixing it?

Maybe my first question should have been "Is there already a flashable image for a Joggler that simply runs Jivelite?"?