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You could try updating the Ultra 4 to the latest version of Radiator - 6.9.4 - although you will need to backup all your data before doing so. Details of how to do it are on the Netgear forum; an upgrade not officially supported but condoned. The file lms_1.0.9_all.deb is used to put the ReadyNAS icon into the UI. Again details on the ReadyNAS forum. Worth doing as it gives your ReadyNAS a new lease of life as it will be running on the latest version of Radiator and you will get all updates. I did it a few weeks ago and it is bullet proof and runs 7.9.2 perfectly:

I have the exact same isues trying to put lms 7.9.2 on my Readynas Ultra 2.
Are the backup for security or is a restore mandatory after upgrade of Radiator ?
Do you have a link to the thread on Readynas forum ?