Hi; just wanted to share the picture (and idea) of my newest diy squeezebox family member:
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Its an old iPhone 4 and a Tivoli Songbook off ebay.
The diy part is "under the hood only":
Change to the Songbook: These were made to work with early Ipods. Although the dock is the same as on the iPhone, these old iPods were charged with 12Volt ("fire wire"); whereas the phones are charged with 5Volt ("USB"). So I added a tiny stepdown conveter and did some rewiring to the dock (super tiny connectors, a pain for my aging eyes.....), so the phone gets charged while in the dock.
Changes to the Phone: I jailbroke the phone to be able to add the App "Airfloat", which turns the phone into an Airplay *Receiving* device. This together with Philippes great Airplay bridge Plugin turns the phone into a squeezebox - it even receives and shows the songs artwork!
Due to the jailbreak (-> Cydia Store) was able to add a system wide equalizer software called EQE, to have better audio soundcontrol.

This little system plays rocksolid without stuttering, is a lot of fun - and a good reuse of otherwise outdated hardware!