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    Quote Originally Posted by JulianH View Post
    I found the Ds718 was stretched with too many background services. Transferring LMS to RPI4 / PcP and a HDD copy of the music library was a revelation. Fast snappy and cheap. Latest hassle free updates. Great
    I also went this way from another model 2 drive synology NAS with similar happy results. I can't see a reason not to do it for running LMS, if other NAS based functionality/applications are required that maybe a different use-case and hardware requirement. I also use my Pi 4 as a basic NAS with good results: just serving file systems, nothing fancy.
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    Bedroom: squeezebox radio
    IQaudIO Pi-DAC Pro Pi 3B+ currently hosting LMS, Pi 4 LMS and NAS

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    Need help with LMS 7.9.2 error log on Synology NAS

    I'm brand new to this community.

    I've been using LMS for about 10 years now, first on Windows PCs, then on Synology NAS and I am perfectly happy with the LMS ecosystem, which also accompanies me in my HiFi system upgrade (SOtM streamer and mutiple Squeezebox Touch's). As of last week, I'm experiencing deep trouble, after having activated some new plugins (MusicArtistInformation, Chromecast bridge, Additional BrowseModes....) and expanded my music DB from 20 to 30K tracks on the NAS.
    Can someone please tell me where I should be looking for help decyphering the LMS log error messages ? The failure occurs on a daily basis and compels me to coldstart the NAS whenever LMS fails to broadcast on my LAN and/or fails to respond to polling from the WebUI and OrangeSqeeze calls (restarting LMS doesn't work).
    Thank you for your consideration.

    PS. I am sorry to read that Synology is going to drop LMS from its 3rd-party app list, as I was thinking of upgrading my 5 year-old all-purpose NAS to a newer more powerful model by the end of 2020 - I'd hate to have to move to some audiophile server (more junk on my hifi rack ......). Why do all good things have to come to an end ?

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