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    I have recently switched from a Vortexbox as it was running an old version of the VB software and I am too much of a novice to update the Linux underpinning it. It meant I could only run LSM 7.6. I therefore have a DS 118 and am very pleased with it. Only 1 bay as I don't want RAID, i am using an external USB to back up yo which is working fine (I used the same drive as backup to Vortexbox so was easy to transfer the music over). I have 27,000 songs and it is running very smoothly, no issues so far. it has 1gig of memory and the 1.4ghz Quadcore has no issues.
    Touch -> Rega DAC -> Arcam A80 -> Mission 773se's

    LMS 7.7.6 via Synology DS118

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    Synology DS216/DS218

    Quote Originally Posted by jistme View Post
    If I were to buy a recent model Synology, what would be some recommendations for having a snappy LMS experience?
    Minimum amount of memory?
    The type/brand of cpu? (I believe Intel based is not advisable for LMS?)
    Would using a budget SSD instead of a hdd make much difference?

    I've been using a Synology DS216 for a couple of years now and have never found it slow.
    Its a dual core 1.3GHz CPU with 512MB RAM and running LMS 7.9.2.
    The CPU is marvel, and being ARM architecture it's more energy efficient.

    I can only imagine the current offering DS218 (Quad-core 1.4Ghz, 2GB RAM) would perform admirably.

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