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    Squeezlite on Alpine Linux

    I tested squeezelite on Alpine Linux tonight on my Pi3 B+. Working good via HDMI audio to my Denon A/V receiver.

    I've only got a few hours of experience with Alpine Linux but so far I'm really impressed. It has similarities with piCore Linux in that it runs entirely in RAM by default (though you can change that) and it uses a utility called "lbu" to store user changes in a tar.gz file that gets overlayed into ram on each reboot, similar to piCore's filetool.sh script. One major difference is that Alpine actually seems to be maintained :/

    4.14.89-0-rpi2 #1-Alpine SMP Tue Dec 18 17:49:49 UTC 2018 armv7l Linux
    The only thing not in the Alpine Linux repos was squeezelite itself. I built it on the Pi using Alpine's "alpine-sdk" package. I did have to make one modification to the output_alsa.c file in the squeezelite source code in order to get the build to complete successfully, I found the solution here:


    Basically, use mallopt only with GLIBC (Alpine uses musl libc):

    #ifdef __GLIBC__
      mallopt(M_TRIM_THRESHOLD, -1);
      mallopt(M_MMAP_MAX, 0);
    I didn't really need to take a lot of notes, but here's a list of the packages I installed to build squeezelite:

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