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    Squeezelite/picoreplayer Support for M4a/ALAC

    Hi all,

    I'm running LMS on a W10 PC and Picoreplayer on a 3b Pi. Most of my files are ALAC 16/44 to 24/192.

    According to the file properties displayed in the iPeng remote, by default Picoreplayer utilises a transcoded FLAC stream at a constant 705kbps from LMS when playing them and not the native file, irrespective of the original bitrate. If I disable FLAC streaming for ALAC and set it to native only in file type handling in LMS advanced settings, iPeng reports an 'unable to play this file' error.

    This seems to suggest that Squeezelite/Picoreplayer does not support ALAC natively.

    Do I stop fiddling with this, or is there a way to get squeezelite/picoreplayer to play ALAC natively?


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    hi foxwelljsly,

    On the [Main Page] > [Install]. Third button down.

    Look at the more> help.

    Install FFMpeg libraries for Squeezelite   less> 
    This will download and install FFMpeg Libraries from the pCP repository.
    Internet access is required.
    The 7MB FFMpeg library adds playback of ALAC and WMA.
    Note that this loads additional files that increase the size of piCorePlayer by 20%. That's why we don't install it by default.


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    Cheers Greg. That's fixed that. Much appreciated.

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