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Hi Squeezebox Fans,
First to say hello to everybody, as I am a new member.
First things first, here's my setup:

  • LMS 7.9.1 (Beta) runs on Synology DS218+


  • 2x Squeezebox Boom
  • 2x Squeezebox Radio
  • 1x Squeezebox Controler
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3B+ und Allo Digione Transport. Software is piCorePlayer v4.1.0 running Squeezelite v1.9.0-1121-pCP. This device is connected via electrical SPDIF to my Denon AVR-X4400H

I have an issue with synchronisation which is really annoying to me
If I listen to music with my pi3B+ Allo Digione Combo, sound is really great and I enjoy it very much.
BUT, if I synchronize several players, such as my Pi3B+ in the living room and my Boom in the kitchen, they are not perfectly synchronous. The effect is hearable due to an open space design (living room, dining room and kitchen) and very disturbing
If I synchronize only original Logitech Hardware such as my Booms and Radios, everything is real fine and perfectly synched. Only the 3rd Party Stuff doesn't work properly.
I read a lot of threads in several forums throughout the Internet. Will say I read the whole internet and wasn't able to find anything helpfull to solve my problem. I tried almost every setting to fine tune, no help.
This is my last try. If no one out there has a clou, I will sell my 3rd Party Hardware and buy me a squeezebox touch, which hopefully is perfectly synched with all my other original Logitech Squeezebox gear.
Excited to hear from you
Kind regards
Have you tried LMS > Settings > Advanced (tab) > Network (dropdown).

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