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    piCorePlayer Autostart not working

    I have created a kitchen radio based on penguinlovesmusic.de/the-tivoli-squeezebox-radio and mainly everything works fine - currently it only has a power switch which cuts the power to the power supply.

    I set up pCP autostart to play radio and it used to work, but lately most of the times it does not. When I look, the webradio (from TuneIn) is loaded, but it is not playing - I just have to hit play (I am using Squeezer on Android) and it starts. Where could I look for what is going wrong?

    • LMS 7.9.2 in a docker container on a Raspberry (hub.docker.com/r/doliana/logitech-media-server).
    • piCorePlayer v4.1.0
    • Squeezelite v1.9.0-1121-pCP
    • A second pCP-player connected to my Hifi (when both players are running, they run synchronized)

    Today I tried a downgrade to piCorePlayer 4.0.0 and everything is working again. (squeezelight was also downgraded to 1113 in that process)
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