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    DSD Player in LMS shows Hifiberry DAC+ as DSD capable

    Since Roon still does hasn't integrated Qobuz, I am back to piCoreplayer on my RP3 / Hifiberry DAC+. I am a bit rusty on the settings, so I have a few questions:
    - Is it correct to chose the non DSD capable version on the Beta Squeezelite page at the bottom?
    - No parameter for "no DSD capability" needed in "Various options"
    - No parameter needed in max sample rate

    Strangely in LMS settings / player / dsd player I do not get the message "DSDPlayer will transcode DSD to PCM for this player" (like I do for the Squeezebox Touch), but a checkbox to enable DoP. I seem to recall that previously DSD Player would detect whether the endpoint was DSD capable or not.

    DSDPlayer with piCoreplayer client

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    DSDPlayer with SB Touch client

    Name:  SBT.JPG
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    DSD files seem to play ok on the Hifiberry DAC+.

    Am I missing something here?
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