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    Similar problems with Touch

    I've had similar issues with two Touchs. i can't 100% confirm, but i believe the issues started after switching to an Eero mesh system. symptoms are exactly the same as the OP. i've solved one by connecting it directly to the Eero Pro via ethernet, but it's not practical for the other. the WiFi region option is interesting; will try when i'm back home in a few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gealt View Post
    Thanks for your suggestions. I rebooted the Radio, which means removing the battery, and used a nearby building with free public wifi. So far so good. Obviously I use VM LAN for my laptop, printer etc..
    Is there any difference between removing the battery and simply long-pressing the power button to switch the radio off, and then re-booting it (which is what I do every few weeks when some gremlin afflicts my radio)?

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