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    So, after another week with the new installed Fritzbox 4040:

    Not one single problem anymore, everything, also the radio, works like a charm :-)

    It was the router's fault.

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    Simple solution for intermitted WiFi disconnect of Squeezbox Radio

    I recently joined this forum since around the second week of december 2021 I have the same problems with the losing wlan connection of my squeebox radios.

    For over 12years I run 4 SB Radios and 4 SB Touch without any problems in wlan-modus.

    • My actual network structure is based on a AVM Fritzbox 7590 and a AVM Repeater 1750 for around 3 years
    • 1 SB Radio is directly connected to the Fritzbox, the other 3 are connected to the repeater. I have a Mesh network.
    • For running the LMS, version 8.2.0 (with the spotty plugin), I use a mini-pc (cubietruck) 24/7
    • Around the 2nd week of december 2021 – all of the sudden – all 4 radios lost their wlan network connection (red wlan symbol), in the fritzbox they were not listed as network component
    • Rebooting the radios solves the problem for the present but after some minutes/hours the problem with the red wlan symbol is back
    • First I thought that the reason is the buggy firmware as it was shown in the LMS
    o --> so I installed the version comparison patch  didn’t helped
    o --> reinstalling the LMS in version 7.9.3 (lower than 8.0.0) due to the buggy firmware didn’t helped
    • Resetting the SB Radios to factory settings didn’t helped
    • Rebooting the Fritzbox / Running the network without the repeater didn’t helped
    • As said, network structure wasn’t changed (no new router, no added network components, no updates have been made)
    • Finally I was at one's wit's end

    Anyway – I post this thread as I want to let you know that in another story a simple solution for using the SB Radios in the wlan-Modus was posted:

    Cover the SB Radio‘s sides (except of the front) in alu foil!


    I tried it out – it works. Thanks a lot Gie!!!

    In the bathroom and in celler I will work with this unconventional simple solution.

    The other two SB Radios in living rooms – due to optical reasons (alu foil is not that fancy) – I will run in LAN modus using wlan briges (Vonets / Fritzbox Powerline).

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    Maybe a neighbour has installed a different Fritzbox (or similar) and it is their system that you are now masking.

    Perhaps you can find out who it is and work with them to get their firmware or configuration changed.
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    TP-Link Router?

    A recent firmware update to my TP-Link Archer A7 router enabled 'Onemesh' support which adds a second network signal to support mesh routers. This can be seen with the wifi analyzer app on android. This appears to cause my squeezebox to drop wifi after a short period of time. I've found no solution. I was forced to go to a wired connection, using a powerline extended as my squeexebox location had no wired connection.

    Check for this or a similar solution where additional wifi signals force the squeexebox connection to fail. 'Wifi Analyzer' app on android is an excellent way to see wifi networks, including hidden ones.

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