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    Help with Jivelite and DietPi

    Hey all,

    I've just gotten a Squeezelite/Jivelite setup up and running on DietPi (needed the sabre driver), but am having some issues with Jivelite, and was hoping someone could help out:

    1. Touching the display while it's showing the clock screensaver does not "wake up" the device (as in, the usual SBT behaviour when you turn it off)
    2. Not having much luck hiding the mouse cursor either ...

    I used this page as a guide for getting up and running: http://www.hagensieker.com/jivelite/index.php, just made sure I used the more up to date version of the jivelite repo (but still did the whole modifying of the

    My H/W setup is an RPI3, official 7" touch screen, and an Audiophics Sabre DAC.

    For reference, I've had zero issues using this setup with piCorePlayer, but not having the saber driver meant I was limited in DSD playback (and compiling modules under TCE linux seems a right pain in the butt ...).

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    For starters the references to jivelite in that thread are not the current active version which we use for picoreplayer.

    There have been many fixes and changes to jivelite and squeezelite in the 4 years since Triode stopped development.

    Quote Originally Posted by lordvader View Post
    Huh - just started a thread because I'm having the same issue... Was anyone here able to resolve it (and why on earth does it just work in PiCorePlayer ???)
    The picoreplayer team use the newer versions of jivelite and squeezelite.

    The patch below should get the soft power on working on dietpi, but I've not tested it with dietpi. Also, pcp has additional changes to jivelite to manage the official rpi 7" screen backlight with the soft power on feature.

    Index: share/jive/applets/ScreenSavers/ScreenSaversApplet.lua
    --- share/jive/applets/ScreenSavers/ScreenSaversApplet.lua
    +++ share/jive/applets/ScreenSavers/ScreenSaversApplet.lua
    @@ -559,7 +559,7 @@
     	if not self:isSoftPowerOn() then
     		--allow input to pass through, so that the following listeners will be honored
    -	        self:_setSSAllowedActions(true, {}, true)
    +	        --self:_setSSAllowedActions(true, {}, true)
     		window:ignoreAllInputExcept(    { "power", "power_on", "power_off" },
    The pcp team have spent countless hours integrating the bits into what picoreplayer has become today. If you can't use pcp because you need/want an out of kernel module, I'd suggest you consider investing the time to research how to build a module from source for pcp.

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    Massive thanks for the nudge

    The patch worked, but then had a go at compiling the module for piCorePlayer anyway, and we're all good so far (well, doing my tests in silence, as everyone is asleep - just looking at logs at the moment). I gave up a few days ago when git failed to install, so just download the kernel source directly instead.

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    Congrats on doing that. That was a nice howto written up by PJM.47
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