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    I believe that if Logitech built full LMS control for Google Play and Alexa with an easier to configure Duet receiver they could be right back in the game. And oh ya, some marketing that knew what they had would also help.
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    I need to correct my earlier comment.
    Logitech via UE do indeed have speakers with more connectivity than Bluetooth.

    They also have Wi-fi with built-in Amazon Alexa for control by speech.
    These boom tubes offer, presumably via Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn along with some others.

    It is possible to drive an Amazon Echo as a wireless speaker ... the folks with ôHome Assistantö aka HASS are one example that have achieved this.

    Maybe Philippe could adapt his AirPlay/UPnP plugin architecture to do the same.

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    I think the most profitable way for Logitech to get back in this business would be to market a customized LMS to manufacturers and sell it as a protocol or ecosystem. In the same way that Google licenses the Chromecast protocol or Apple licenses airplay, I think that LMS could be made to run like an app on a device like an AVR. We have already seen that you don't need very powerful hardware to run LMS so they could incorporate this customized server in a number of devices so they don't have to be concerned about the general public not setting it up properly. The user could then connect via a smartphone or tablet app, point it to their shared local music, input their streaming music credentials and be off and running. I would think playback devices like a wifi speaker or soundbar could be manufactured to include the necessary hardware to run squeezelite or another client software to act as a new Squeezebox device. Back when desktops were almost required to run the system I can see how this would not be possible but now that cheap single board computers have proven to be more than enough I would think it would be very possible. My .02 anyway...

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