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Thread: Inguz EQ/DRC

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    As far as I know, sox is only used for Digital Room Correction and even then it is only used to resample the selected FIR impulse file to the sampling rate of the music being played, if they differ, prior to playing the track. (The impulse file determines the DRC to be applied). There is an entry in log.txt when sox is used in that way.

    All the processing for balance, width, equalization, DRC, etc, etc is done by InguzDSP.exe and DSPUtil.dll.

    The balance/width settings aren't written to the log.txt file. (Looking at the source code, I suppose it would be possible to amend it to do that but I am reluctant to mess with something that currently works OK).

    For information: a balance setting of, say, +6 adjusts the left channel by -3dB and the right channel by +3dB (hence the need to keep an eye on the log.txt and gain setting with regard to clipping).

    I am using the same version of IE on Windows 7 64bit. Is Silverlight installed on your computer? If so, is it enabled in IE (Alt - Tools - Toolbars and Extensions - All add-ons - Microsoft Silverlight)?
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