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Thread: Inguz EQ/DRC

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    Yes it is in program data. So what do you mean that the settings don't stick? That they no longer appear on the UI or that the player doesn't pick them up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxesden View Post
    Yes it is in program data. So what do you mean that the settings don't stick? That they no longer appear on the UI or that the player doesn't pick them up?
    Exactly, the player doesn't pick them up after a server restart.

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    I can't answer that one, as I have been running Sqeezelite on my Home PC and using the Inguz for Correction while on my work laptop (they share a monitor)
    I must admit , because of the delay in the filter kicking in, I am often unsure whether the filter has been picked up. It is much simpler with Equalizer APO and Peace UI, but I can't switch that remotely.

    EDIT 2020-11-11

    The filters were not kicking in, but they are now. It seems that when you enable Inguz vs a new player you need to restart the server. Once I had done this the filters deployed correctly.
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    Config for Qobuz streams

    I have recently signed up for Qobuz and have it working through LMS. I have noticed that the streams do not get touched by Inguz.

    URL: qobuz://6276749.flac

    I have set the stream to run proxied rather than direct. But this does not make any difference. I also have volume reduction for remote streams set to -8.

    Can anyone advise what I might need to change?

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    Inguz Config for Qobuz streams

    After a lot of reading through these forums, and finally working out how to get C3PO working I was able to get Qobuz running through Inguz.

    Qobuz streams in flac, and I found that when I changed the file types for flac to stop LMS transcoding to mp3 or PCM then no music played
    C3PO has a handy feature which allows you to see the command last run for trancoding a song. This allows you to definitively confirm that the setup is working and Maroc had posted a config to convert from Qobuz to DSD. I am not using DSD - but in the post marcoc1712 indicated that the flac settings for Qobuz needed to be different to regular file streams.

    I ended up finding this entry in the Inguz Plugin.pm perl script. the first 3 lines are the original command (starting flc flc*..) I commented out the client parameter to stop the command being applied to any player. The second command (also starting flc flc *) is the command for trancoding and piping flac to Inguz.

    flc flc * CommentedOut
    # FT:{START=--skip=%t}U:{END=--until=%v}
    [flac] -dcs $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$ | [$CONVAPP$] -id "CommentedOut" -wav -wavo -d 24 | [flac] -cs -0 --totally-silent -

    flc flc * $CLIENTID$
    # FRI
    [flac] -dcs --totally-silent $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$ | [$CONVAPP$] -id "$CLIENTID$" -wav -wavo -d 24 | [flac] -cs -0 --totally-silent -

    I also found the equivalent entries in the custom-convert.conf file also located in the Inguz plugin folder. The time you need to replace both $CLIENTID statements with the PlayerID. You may need to repeat on the server cache too. The entry will look like this
    flc flc * 84:39:be:67:5c:ea
    # FRI
    [flac] -dcs $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$ | [InguzDSP] -id "84:39:be:67:5c:ea" -wav -wavo -d 24 | [flac] -cs -0 --totally-silent -

    So this definitely works, but there is a downside. The flac streams are no longer interactive. You can play and pause, but if you try and click on the playing progress bar to move further down a track then the player simply moves onto the next track ( I like exploring new music through auto-plalylists so often find boring/annoying music and want to see if it gets better).

    So I may need to do further tests to see if I can fix this.

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