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    Picoreplayer 4.1 2 instance of shairport-sync

    Hi, i have a picoreplayer 4.1 with an hiffiberry i use 2 mono chanel zone1 and zone 2 its work like a charm with squeezelite with user command :
    squeezelite -n Salle_de_bain -m 00:00:00:00:00:01 -o zone1 -z
    squeezelite -n Toilettes -m 00:00:00:00:00:02 -o zone2 -z

    I tried to make the same with shaireport-sync but i can have only 1 instance working :
    Shairport is using these settings:

    /usr/local/sbin/shairport-sync -a piCorePlayer -o alsa -S soxr -d -D -R --metadata-pipename=/tmp/shairport-sync-metadata --get-coverart -- -d zone1

    i have try to put a user command like :

    /usr/local/sbin/shairport-sync -a Toilettes -o alsa -S soxr -d -D -R --metadata-pipename=/tmp/shairport-sync-metadata --get-coverart -- -d zone2

    Its not working...

    Someone have a solution please?

    Thx a lot

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    My suggestion is to use Phillippe's shairtune2w plugin instead. You only need to have one plugin installed on your LMS server, then all squezeboxes and squeezelite players are available as Apple players as well.
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    Sure, but with lms i have latency when i play youtube video over airplay. (the display have 2 second of delay over the music.. quite hugly for youtube video lol on the main airplay system)

    So, the problem, i d'ont have see any opttion on lms to add or hide just some player, its show all player in lsm over airplay.

    So i will have some player with the same name because some have shaire-sync install inself and other across lms..

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