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    Is the pi's USB port good enough to do justise to DSD audio?

    I know that sending DSD (DSD64, DSD128) files out the USB port does basically work. But I also know that the pi's USB ports are somewhat anemic as they share resources. Also, I was worried about electronic noise on these ports disrupting a smooth flow of data out to an external DAC.

    Has anyone measured this?

    What's your opinion on this?

    I ask because I'm looking at getting an external high quality DAC and for DSD you have to use the USB inputs to have enough bandwidth. I love picoreplayer (and LMS) and would like to use it to feed the DAC. But I'm a bit concerned that the pi might not be up to the task.

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    My opinion is: yes, with a high quality DAC, Raspberry PI with pCP plays DSD-files just fine. Unfortunately, I don't have measurements. This is what I hear with my own system. Raspberry PI 3 model B via USB to Oppo Sonica DAC plays DSD64, DSD128 (I have not tested DSD256). pCP reads files from an external USB-disk or via wifi or via ethernet. On Raspberry PI all data flows through the same USB hardware, yet no problem, sound quality is uncompromised.

    This is with pCP version 4.0.0, with the regular kernel (audio optimized or RT not necessary) and with "Native/DoP DSD Squeezelite binairy". No tweaks necessary. Because I have no measurements, I cannot tell whether or not USB has a lot of noise. Apparently, noise levels are low enough for Oppo Sonica DAC. Maybe other DAC's are more susceptible to USB-noise? So DSD plays as does PCM, which is upsampled by pCP to 384 kHz.

    About measurements: weblog-Archimago has done a lot of measurements. Though not the combination of USB-DSD many, many topics are covered there that are relevant for music. Here are the pointers:
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    Thanks for the info.
    The links you included were helpful.
    Looks like I can continue to use my pcp if I switch over to an external DAC with USB.

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