I need that for christmas

M12 Connector

The key feature of the M12 GOLD SWITCH is the fact that it adopts an industrial round connector called the M12 connector. It is not a rectangular connector RJ - 45 that is mounted in ordinary household electronics, but an industrial connector that enables more reliable signal transmission. This connector is used at the site where more sophisticated data transmission is required (e.g. for railroad). The connector is not commonly known, but has wide market share in industrial use. The M12 connector is fully shielded.
thats so great - its so great that there is just one side with that new M12 Connector needed - The other side can handle ordinary (but gold plated) RJ45

A high-end audiophile will need less than 10 seconds to acknowledge its obvious effect. Usage is the same as with a regular network switch: connect the M12 SWITCH GOLD to a router, next connect all your network devices to the M12 SWITCH GOLD - a network player/DAC, a music server, a NAS or a PC transport – and enjoy a huge improvement in sound quality instantly. There are five M12 network ports on the switch and an M12 power input for the included dedicated power supply. Because the shape of the M12 connector is different from the standard RJ -45 connector for home use, two high quality M12 – RJ-45 cables of 2.0m length are included with the M12 SWITCH GOLD.
we all need this its cheap - only 4165 € and 2 2 Meter Cables are already included ;-)