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    @s2kiwi: Have a look at github issues, the problem is all ready know. The original library set the function 'write_register' as protected in the class VS1053. You just have to make it public in header file. I will contact the developer of the library to know if he can made some changes in his library. For now you have to do it by yourself. Sorry for this.
    You just have to make it public in header file: I played around for a bit again yesterday, but I'm not actually sure what you mean by this... I couldn't find the known bug relating to it the issue logs. You'll have to excuse me, wHile I'm an experienced coder, I am relatively new to Arduino, so I'm probably just missing something simple in the terminology.

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    In the library the function "write_register'' is in the 'protected' block of the class VS1053 which means the function can be used only in a derived class and not directly in main program. To be usable you have to move the declaration of the function from the 'protected' block to the public block in VS1053.h.

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    Arh that makes sense now! As easy as that - I suspected I was missing something obvious

    Will do that tonight and re-test closer to the router.


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    about schematic

    Hi .I have doubts about the connection between the vs1053 and the esp32 can you tell me how is the connection between them? Regards.

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