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Is this your board?

as far as I found out this board has an es8388 codec on board
Nope the board I have integrates the ESP32-A1S chipset which has an AC101 DAC on it. I'm sure the es8388 wouldn't be too difficult to integrate either but I don't have one so wouldn't be able to add the code.

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How is the quality of this chip compared to a UDA1334 module


I can buy ESP32-A1S WiFi BT Audio Development Kit in my country for EUR 30

But if the codec quality is not as good as the UDA1334 the I opt for a wrover & UDA1334 solution.
As for audio quality, I can't really answer that one as I'm not an audiophile. I'm only currently using the line out, not the speaker amp and it sounds about as good as my ESP32 WROVER with PCM5102 DAC.