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    SmartiPi Touch Pro case review

    I thought I would show you the fantastic new SmartiPi Touch Pro case. I think this is easily the best case for PiCorePlayer out there and makes for a great looking machine.

    I already own 2 of the earlier versions and when I saw this come up on Kickstarter it looked like a great project. Finally it's arrived and I've built up a Picoreplayer using it.

    It's now for sale, you can see it here and you'll find the setup instructions from here

    It's important to know that I ordered the extra deep back to cover the Sound Card and give me options. That's what you see in use below. If you are using a USB Dac you won't need this.

    My player for main system used to look like this.


    Name:  2021-01-09 07.58.07 (2).jpg
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    It's a Pi 3B+ with Justboom DigiHat and Flirc receiver

    I really did not like the way the remote control receiver stuck out the side


    The really clever bit about this case is that there are two mounting places for the Pi. There is the traditional one on the edge so you have access to the ports but then you can also choose to hide it inside. This is what I wanted to try. Would the IR receiver still respond?

    The only compromise at the moment is that I have run the SPDIF cable out of the fan hole. Later I will do a permanent hole at the bottom to sort this out.

    Note the power cable and how it's very nicely integrated.

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    The side shows a small compromise with the power cable.

    Name:  2021-01-09 08.41.42.jpg
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    But that will be solved when this arrives

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    Edit - the remote didn't work well enough in daylight - I had to use a USB extension cable and route it to the front of the HIFI cabinet below. Easy

    Temperature is 52 so I guess I will be installing the fan for the summer.

    Hopefully the images speak for themselves. It looks seriously, um, professional. No compromises, nothing sticking out, no mysterious holes. I can't recommend it enough.
    Last edited by gvh; 2021-01-10 at 00:49. Reason: Update on the remote needing to come outside

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    Looking nice. Please provide detailed material list.
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    • SmartiPi Pro
    • Larger back for the SmartiPi
    • Official Touch Screen
    • Pi 3b+
    • Official Power supply to match
    • Add-on switch to that power supply so I can turn it off easily
    • Microsd card
    • Justboom DigiHat
    • SPDIF cable
    • Flirc V2 Remote Receiver
    • USB2 Extension cable to run Flirc outside
    • PiCorePlayer

    Notes on this
    • I get most bits from The Pi Hut and the little bits from ebay
    • I cut holes using a cheap Dremel-style tool.
    • SmartiPi supply an optional metal plate for the bottom to balance it, I nearly need it
    • I use a Squeezebox remote
    • You can easily use a Pi 3A+ if you just want wifi. Cheaper, smaller
    • You can see my Kitchen player here with 3A and DAC, with right angle phono adapters
    • A Pi4 is overkill for a pure player and runs much hotter, it would definitely need a full time fan

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    That's the perfect option for the official screen.. unfortunately I've decided I want a bit smaller screen for my units and am proceeding a bit more off the easy path..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gvh View Post
    It's a Pi 3B+ with Justboom DigiHat and Flirc receiver
    Edit - the remote didn't work well enough in daylight - I had to use a USB extension cable and route it to the front of the HIFI cabinet below. Easy
    Maybe it's the fact that my touchscreen PcP is in a bookcase painted glossy white, but I've found an inexpensive TSOP4838 device connected to GPIO pins works so well that its lens doesn't even need to be visible from the front of my player. The case I chose (which is OK, but a ittle lightweight for touchscreen use, and the display angle is fixed) has a gap between the main case and the snap-on back so I just left my IR recevier sticking out of that gap:
    Name:  Pcp-ir.jpg
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    owner of the stuff at https://tuxreborn.netlify.app/
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