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    JSON request for bitrate of current track


    Briefly, I'm Marcus and I read slimdevices forum since I discovered LMS for 3 or 4 years now.
    I always find answers to my questions by reading but now I am really stuck... :/

    Maybe because I am not really good to programming language (or maybe I'm not good to search ^^)

    I only want to display the bitrate of current track in my conky...

    I tried with PyLMS, with curl request in JSON, wget...

    So, I can display lots of thing but not this "parameter"... I'm sure there is a real easy way but I can not find it by myself so I post this thread to get some help.

    Many thanks for your help.


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    JSON request for bitrate of current track

    > I only want to display the bitrate of current track in my conky...

    The status query is what you're looking for:


    status - 1 tags:r

    Would give you the bitrate for the currently playing track (together
    with more information about it).



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    Many thanks Michael!

    So now, I need to extract only bitrate.

    I am using PyLMS because I do not understand how to use JSON command with curl with LMS...

    I will put my founding when I find it ^^

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    Have a look at this script, it contains all the pieces you need.

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    With PyLMS,
    s = sq.request("status - 1 tags:r") 
    And voilÓ!

    Thank you Michael, I searched for that since a lot of days...


    Edit: Thank you to Roland and with equalizer!! I will give it a try soon!
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