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    Apologies in advance if this has already been covered in discussion but I used to be able to get the "now playing" line from the bbc showing the specific music playing on a bbc radio 3 programme. That would allow me to use my mobile phone app to search for the track on spotify using spotty.

    I don't seem to be able to get the now playing line any more. It seemed to go at about the time of lockdown here in the uk and I wondered if it was something to do with what the bbc were actually outputting. if that is wrong and it is still available any help in getting it would be appreciated. My lms is running on a nas and I tend to use Orange Squeeze on my phone to control it but also the computer when working.
    Are you on 1.6.9 which was an update about 4 months ago - I think to deal with some of this issue.

    Separately, since March - BBC seems to have reduced the level of detail in "Now Playing" info on many stations - R3 seems to least affected. Not sure if this is Covid related or part of long term plan. The plugins uses a feed which no longer seems to be used by the BBC Web player and I am concerned that BBC is moving away from providing "now playing" info at a track level or at least using an easily accessible feed which provide this information.

    The benchmark of "Now Playing " is what can be seen using BBC Browser based player - I try to make sure plugin can provide similar level of information.


    Can you clarify - are you using a LMS App to access spotty to search for the currently playing track ?

    I don't know spotty capabilities, but is there a way to provide track info in a BBCIplayer context menu for Spotty
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