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The OP's assertion that track info is not available in BBC Sounds is also untrue.
I think the OP may be looking for Track information at the time when the BBC is just not providing it and has generalised it.

The 1.6.9 changes were because the RadioPlayer feed which I used to use - no longer has track information.
This was a definite BBC change.

I have not made a study of this - just by observation when I have run tests for 1.6.9 a couple of months ago - so things may have changed again as previous observation may have been the result of Covid staffing restrictions(e.g. broadcaster working from home and not studio) or perhaps a transition in tech by BBC.

I felt the BBC seemed to have stopped providing track information for R3 from late evening until early morning.
I thought R1,1Xtra, R2 and 6Music - track information may have gone altogether or just restricted to prime time. A quick check just now shows detailed track info on R1,1Xtra and 6Music.

I suspect this is an issue with user's own system