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    piCorePlayer => EQ => DAC?

    Hi been using LMS for years, it seems there's much new life now with piCorePlayer and similar, this is great to see as LMS has always been such an awesome and underappreciated bit of software .

    Anyway, I've been messing with Raspberry Pis and wondering how many services I can take off my home server and isolate onto their own Pi. (torrents, lms, nginx etc.. etc..)

    LMS is a candidate (for both a RPi server and player) and on the player side it looks like I could run say a small piCorePlayer install at work, allowing me to removed the player software (Squeezlite) off my work's machine.

    Current work setup is :

                                     ╓── in software on laptop ──╖
    Stream over internet from home => Squeezelite => PulseEffects => USB => O2 ODAC => Headphones
    and the possible replacement would be something like :

                                     ╓─── RPi ────╖
    Stream over internet from home => PiCorePlayer => USB => O2 ODAC => Headphones
    So wondering if I could ask some questions, maybe somebody knows the answers :

    1) Will a Raspberry Pi Zero W be sufficent, I love these things and well this is only mp3 audio we are talking about.
    2) Will the PiCorePlayer / Raspberry Pi Zero W be compatible with a DAC plugged via USB?
    3) Any thoughts how EQ could be done? I use PulseEffects, it is a truely awesome bit of software for adjusting EQ, but it seems like I might end up have to drop this, it has a GUI requirement I think for the interface. Perhaps there is some alternate solution? Maybe piCorePlayer has some plugin for EQ, or perhaps I'd install some other software on the player. Or it might have to be a hardware solution?

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    Well to answer my own question.

    piCorePlayer is an incredible bit of software that already does everything I was asking for with a bit of manual config required.

    For your DAC :

    1) Plug it in via USB
    2) Squeezelite Settings
    3) Ouput setting "more>"
    4) Select your DAC from the list till you have it working, remember which it was

    For the EQ Mixer :

    1) Enable Advanced mode via the tab at the bottom
    2) Tweaks
    3) "ALSA 10 band Equalizer" to Yes
    4) Save
    5) Reboot

    If it works you're good to muck around with the handily provided eq settings, if not

    6) ssh into your Pi
    7) `aplay -l` will show your sound devices, look for yours
    8) sudo vi /etc/asound.conf
    9) Set the `plughw:0,0` part in the pcm.plugequal section to match your device, in the format `plughw:<card>,<subdevice>` for me it was `plughw:1,0`
    10) Save
    11) Reboot

    You can now muck around with the eq settings behing tweaks mixer configure till you're happy.

    Awesome work on piCorePlayer guys, it's really well done.

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