I have an x86 based touchscreen computer. I'm using this as a dedicated controller/player for LMS. Currently its running Windows 10 and I'm using Squeezeplay. It works pretty good for the most part but I was hoping to make it more like a dedicated LMS device and less like a Windows PC running Squeezeplay. Problems hurting this illusion are the startup sequence (for some reason it opens Squeezeplay in the background so you have to bring it to the foreground to use it), the task bar, even if hidden, sometimes gets triggered when pushing "buttons" near the bottom of the page, like the play and pause on the Now Playing screen, and the title bar which I can't find a way make go away.

I tried throwing Ubuntu on a USB drive to test my computer and it detected the touchscreen and it works so I'm open to using something Linux based. Ideally something like PiCoreplayer, but for x86 instead of the Pi's architecture.