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    Support in pcp for older HW

    I┤m tying to run PicorePlayer on a Raspberry B rev.2 with a Hifiberry Digi board without any luck to output sond.
    It┤s running VOLUMIO without any problem.
    With pcp I can get sound through the phonejacket but can┤t find any setting to get sound through the Digi-board. I have a 2:nd Pi B with a DAC-bord that I would like to synk with, through LMS.
    I┤m running pcp vers. 4.0. The LMS is running on a Pi B+ but without any soundcard. In the tab for Squeezelite in the B+ that are running LMS, there are more soundcards to choose between, but I cant find any that would fit the old one. B.t.w. It couldn┤t be fitted on the B+ anyway.
    Is my old HW not supported in pcp?

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    hi Flacmaster24,

    Should work. Try "HiFiBerry Digi and Digi+".

    BTW: If this option doesn't appear, try going into [Beta] mode. (Tab at bottom of page.)

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    Aaah.. That Beta tab.
    Since I┤m not so good at Linux, I tried to avoid clicking there.
    Now things works great.

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