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Thread: pcp + LMS + NAS

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    pcp + LMS + NAS

    I┤m new to picorePlayer and need some help.
    I'm trying to set up a raspberry B+ as a LMS server with a NETGEAR STORA NAS with all my music.
    I have different subfolders on the NAS.


    I┤ve tried pcp vers 3.50 and vers 4.0 and get the same problem.
    In the tab "LMS" for -Setup Network Disk Mount- I cannot specify the subfolders. (It refuses to accept any / or \ for path)

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    The additional filesystem is installed and Squeezelite and LMS are running.

    I have a VOLUMIO player and a SONOS system that recognize the path:s and the NAS is accessible in my windows computers.

    How can I get my NAS connectet to LMS?

    Thanks in advance

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    Try changing them to

    and then put the remaining path into LMS itself
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    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Will try this tomorrow.


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    You also need to specify the SMB version to connect with, if you expand the more> in the section it describes the fields.

    <Options> are a comma delimited list of mount options. Ref mount man pages.
    vers=2.0 - The linux kernel now defaults to SMB version 3.0, versions must be specified.
    uid=1001 - mounts the drive with user "tc". Useful if using ssh sessions to write data to share.
    gid=50 - mounts the drive with group "staff". Useful if using ssh sessions to write data to share.
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    I normally just use Root in Mount Point then just pick folders if needed in LMS settings

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    Now I┤m up and running.
    The trix was to just specify the parent folder in pcp and also set vers=1.0.
    Then I was able to point to the subfolders in LMS

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