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    Extreme SD card support flakiness

    Is there anything that can be done with SD card issues on PCP and RPi in general?

    Today, after a couple of days of doing nothing (no power loss inbetween!) I tried to do something with LMS - and got message about lack of write permissions to settings directory on mmcblk0p2. Rebooted - bang! - EXT4-fs error. Nothing can be done except reimaging the card, which is actually in perfect state according to any possible fsck checks...

    I got such issues sometimes even just after rebooting RPi with PCP - and I've tried 3 different cards so far. They seem to be unfortunately well known.

    While PCP is very well thought out software, RPi seems to be unfortunately very unreliable hardware. Pity Logitech devices are not available anymore..

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    Iĺve rarely had SD card problems including running LMS under pCP with LMS using the SD card.
    However, you could experiment with USB stick formatted as Ext4 and move LMS data over to that.
    Paul Webster
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    my harddisk from the "new" LMS Server is already 10682 Hours old.
    2 years earlier i bought and installed my last SD Card for my RPIs _running std. Rasbian with a small /tmp as ramdisk.
    These SD Cards have no issues at all.
    And these RPIs are at least updated every month with the latest rasbian packages.

    The only hint is: The guy who buys cheap (sd cards) will end in buying more than one card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
    Is there anything that can be done with SD card issues on PCP and RPi in general?
    Not disputing your experience but it differs from mine. I have been using Pis for over two years now, one as a player and the other as server. Been using the same SD cards all the time and have never experienced a problem. The server works quite hard, as well as LMS for the music, it hosts a LAMP server which streams content for videos, a big virtual art collection and all our photos.

    I am using Kingston 32GB cards, I don't know if the size has any bearing on their robustness?



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    Used Samsung Evo Plus and two different lines of Kingston.

    The only thing that may be related is that I have another NTFS-formatted microSD as /dev/sda1 and it somehow confuses PCP.
    Below is inifinite reboot loop that went away after physically removing the 2nd card.

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