How difficult would it be to modify the LMS web UI? My only desire is to put the "All Albums" listing one sees at the *bottom* of the Genres view to the *top* of the Genres view. Obviously code exists to create that entry for the Genre view or it would not be there. And there is likely code that sorts that listing and then adds the "All Albums" listing at the bottom. Might any of you know where this would be? Figure no one can say "no" if I don't ask.

Since it's highly unlikely that the NAS326 devs are ever going to provide an upgrade to the LMS that comes with it and my doing so is highly problematic (would likely need a new version of Perl, etc.), I cannot use (without creating an entirely separate LMS server) a new version of LMS, so I'm stuck with modifying the version that comes with LMS. I'm not complaining, btw, because it works quite well thus far.