Hi. I have been using LMS running on a Synology NAS (DS1512+) to stream music files to an Arcam CDS 27 Network (and CD) Player. The CDS 27 will play all the major file types - including hi-res ones (i.e. no transcoding needed) though it doesn’t do gapless playback of consecutive files in a playlist. Control of playback is from Arcam’s own ‘Music Life’ app on an iPad with Andy's UPNP/DLNA media interface installed on LMS. In the LMS advanced section, all the settings in the ‘file types’ are default.

I was hoping to use Philippe’s UPnP/DLNA bridge with iPeng as a control running on an iPad but never managed to chance upon the right configuration for the bridge. It never worked properly - no matter which values I chose. I contacted Arcam support and they were unable to help. This is why I am using Arcam’s own Music Life app for playback of files rather than the LMS with Philippe’s bridge. It works fine - on all file types up to and including 24/192.

The version of LMS currently available on the Synology NAS is 7.7.6 - accessed and installed through Synology’s own 'package centre'. But the extra functionality of LMS 7.9.2 appeals to me (it is available as a ‘Beta’ version on the Synology), and I thought I would give it a try.

Most of my music files are WAV. And with 7.9.2 installed over 7.7.6, I can’t play any WAVs at all. It will play all the non-WAV files I have - AAC, MP3 and FLAC

Is there something I can do to get WAV to work using 7.9.2? The Arcam player’s front readout now says ‘unsupported file’ whenever I try to play a WAV. I can't find a settings menu for Andy's media interface, so am keen to know how - if possible - to fix the problem.

Here is the relevant section of the Server log after the ‘upgrade’ to 7.9.2..

[18-10-21 10:02:06.3743] main::init (387) Starting Logitech Media Server (v7.9.2, 0014.1539701916, Tue Oct 16 17:21:49 CEST 2018) perl 5.024000 - x86_64-linux
[18-10-21 10:02:14.4117] Slim::Plugin::UPnP::Events::error (323) Subscribe/unsubscribe error: 412 Precondition Failed
[18-10-21 10:16:02.4773] Slim::Web::HTTP::downloadMusicFile (2741) Couldn't transcode file:///volume1/Music/Prokofiev%20Symphony%20No.6%20Oramo%20BBCSO%20Prom s%202012.wav to pcm:

If I could use Philippe’s UPnP/DLNA bridge with iPeng I would be very happy indeed. iPeng is a better controller than the Arcam app. But the Arcam app works, so the next best scenario for me would be to use it with LMS 7.9.2, rather than 7.7.6.

Any ideas would be very welcome.