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    Quote Originally Posted by gregklanderman View Post
    Nice that you found that work-around, but it really seems to just be a bug in DSTM.
    i am pretty sure its a feature not a bug

    eg /plugins/playhistory (also from Michael) do show these tracks.

    There was a discussion about "i started with this track and dtsm drifts away from my track" so the feature (i believe so) is - "if you dont touch the playlist made from dtsm and you restart your server - dtsm will start from scratch with your "touched" playlist not with its own.

    Anyway i am happy with it (and i even have No worries to hack the "add track button" out of my skin)
    If you think its a issue ask Michael about it.

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    And i found another usecase for it..

    I do run Alarms on some players.

    Whenever that Alarm is active it wipes the last playlist from that player and adds the alarmplaylist/file as its playlist.
    So it doesnt matter if that particular DSTM is a bug or a feature.

    If you really what do "save" your last active playlist when using alarms - you need to save it by hand or script.

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