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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    Need to be clearer.
    What is the part of the message that is standard - doesn't change
    What is the variable part of the message which will provided by parameters of save a menu (i.e.f desatination address, port number, other parameters)
    What is the HTTP operation e.g. GET, POST
    Is there a reply always a reply ? How should reply be handled e.g. status codes 2xx vs 4xx vs 5xx
    I do believe we are talking about a GET operation in HTTP.

    I don't think there's actually any payload. We can type this in the address bar of the web browser - type in the address and get the answer.
    It can be made to not answer, but I do not beleive one should program it that way, not that the answer is very useful.

    if a bad address is entered you get this:
    "Cannot GET /endpoint/badlywrittenname"

    The address/port and /endpoint/ are to be standardized (endpoint isn't something I can change and comes with node-red)

    the only part that changes is the trigger name.

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