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    Quote Originally Posted by andifor View Post
    I like the LMS material and LMS material app combination and use it regularly but run into issues several times: I don't hear my phone ringing while the music is playing.

    Would it be possible to mute / pause the (active) players not only "during phone calls" but also "on incoming calls / phone ringing"?
    => if I reject, music continues / is unmuted
    => if I answer the phone, music stays paused / muted until the call finishes

    Apologies, if this has already been asked / answered, but searching for "incoming call" or "phone call" didn't list and meaning full results.

    Are there others with the same wish?

    If there is no broad interest in a feature like this, I'll implement the workaround I did, receiving calls with my messaging app. I guess this will work here as well, but I'd love to see a "native" implementation (o:

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    Screensaver did not save my screen ….

    After many years of using iPeng on iPad/iPhone, I recently discovered the potential of the Material Skin plugin. I saw it in a video when I was looking at options to renew my music system around the house, even considering Roon (just for one day in which I tested Roon). With the devices I have, LMS offers more convenience for on device control of local music, streaming and radio.

    So I decided to make use of the Material Skin and (re)build my main streamers. Main living/listening room streamer uses the 4k TV for Now Playing and SqueezeLite control using a wireless mouse attached to the RPi. My previous streamer I modded to function in a separate headphone listening setup. I added a Waveshare 7.9” 1280x400px LCD HDMI screen. After a week of testing the screensaver clock has already lead to visible burn-in pixels. The screen offers a few brightness steps, set to the lowest (but still bright) setting. I have not yet found a way to set brightness in DietPi on the RPi3B.

    In order to limit further damage, I would like to change the clock characters from the standard bright white to a lesser bright grey or other color. Can anyone point me to where I could change that?

    Furthermore, it would be nice when the screensaver would act as a real screensaver by moving the content slowly around the entire screen instead of staying in a fixed position. Would that be possible? Or are there other (standard) screensavers that could be added?

    Thank you for a (all in all) great plugin and your continued support!
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    - Raspberry Pi 3B (LMS “server”)
    - SB Boom
    - 2x O2Joggler/SqueezePlay
    - DietPi-RPi4/SqueezeLite/SMSL SU-9n(DAC)/HDMI 4k TV
    - DietPi-RPi3B/SqueezeLite/Audiophonics 9038Q2M Sabre DAC/2xOLED+Waveshare 7.9”LCD
    - piCorePlayer/Rpi2/Hifiberry Digi+

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    That’s a shame about the screen burn in. These lcd screens advertise that they do not suffer from screen burn in.

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